Yosemite National Park

Jansen Photo Expeditions Yosemite workshops take you to the secret areas of Yosemite Valley to experience the beauty and photograph its essence.  For more information on our workshops in the Spring, Fall and winter, please go to our workshop website, www.JansenPhotoExpeditions.com

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Holly Higbee-Jansen

Co-Owner and Workshop Leader at Jansen Photo Expeditions
I am a passionate photographer and workshop leader, and I have been exploring my fascination with light since I was a young child. As a co-owner and guide for www.JansenPhotoExpeditions.com, I love taking our small groups of clients to beautiful places to help them explore their photographic creativity. Join us on one of our photographic workshops in the American West, Iceland and Central America: www.JansenPhotoExpedtions.com or take one of our online photography classes.  Live life creatively!  Reach me by email at:  hhjphoto@gmail.com
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